Thursday, March 5, 2009

No criminal record?!

Apparently if you murder a fellow bus member by a brutal stabbing attack, dismember him, eat a few parts, and finally save a few pieces for later, it's okay. No criminal record for you. You'll get away with a few years in a mental institution with reevaluation every year until you are sufficiently rehabilitated and released into the community.

Article can be read here.

The argument between whether mentally ill people can be held criminally responsible or not has been a long one. I do understand that some mental disorders can alter your world to the point that your reality is different than mine. But you know what, Vince Li? You effing murdered an innocent kid who by chance sat next to you on that bus. I don't care if you have a history of mental illness or not. You murdered him. Whether God or Satan or your mother told you to do it, you did it. You committed murder in the most gruesome way possible. And for that, you need to go to jail. Not reassessed every year until you can be released into the community to do it again.

Just because you might have a mental disorder doesn't make murder okay.

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