Monday, February 25, 2008

Breakdown on the horizon!

I experience a total mental meltdown usually about once a semester. Sometimes more, if the subject matter is difficult. Nursing counts as difficult.

So here I am, at 10:34 on a Monday night. I'm writing my umpteenth care plan of the semester, and I am SICK of them. They don't teach us anything, nursing diagnoses are stupid, and they take effing forever. I understand that we have to know meds and rationales. But do we really need to get every little bit of psychosocial history on these people? Do I really need to write an immaculate nursing diagnosis with interventions and client outcomes, which I will never use in the real world? I would hope not. But alas, I am doomed to write these things.

Normally a care plan alone isn't enough to make me go crazy. But this week is a little stressful. I've been sexiled from my apartment because my roommate's husband is home from overseas for a week. I have a job fair to visit tomorrow, in which I will be dropping off my externship application (which I just finished today). I have two teaching projects to complete for my weekend maternity clinical coming up, in which we will spend 24 hours on the floor. I had a test this morning. I have a test on friday. We had a skills quiz today. I have a drug quiz on thursday. WHEW. None of these alone can break me, but together...they are trying.

So how to remedy it? Procrastinate by blogging. Enjoy.

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