Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ugh. I feel so crappy right now, I have a huge test tomorrow morning, and all I want to do is go to bed and sleep for three days.

I've been struggling with allergy issues for a few months now, to the point where I'm always sneezing and can't ever breathe clearly. People don't even say "bless you" to me anymore because they know it's not going to stop. So I really need to make an appointment to see the allergist, but school has kept me so busy that I haven't had the chance. I tried Afrin last night, and it worked wonderfully. Then I looked it up in my pharm book, and apparently I can't take it for more than three days due to rebound congestion. Boo.

Unfortunately, I think it's also screwing with my sinuses, because right now I've got massive pressure right behind my right eyebrow, and next to my nose. I'd almost rather have congestion than sinus pressure. Bleegh.

(edit: just reread that Afrin is supposed to help with sinus pressure. Great. My body must just be rebelling after seven weeks of non-stop stress and congestion)

I've been studying with some friends all day for this adult test tomorrow, and clearly I'm studying hard right now. I've kind of hit that wall of "oh, ef it!" and can't get anymore into my head tonight. It's just so much stuff, and the professor isn't real good on heart stuff anyway. One of the girls I study with is the daughter of a cardiologist, and when we talked to her dad he was like "oh yeah, all those notes you all have are wrong." Great. I'm so glad our professor is making us learn total crap. I'll feel really prepared when I graduate, I'm sure.

And on that note, I'm going to bed. Sorry for all the whining tonight, it will be all over this time tomorrow! Come on, spring break in 12 hours!

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