Monday, March 31, 2008

Is this what it feels like to grow up?

Well folks, I am happy to report that I am indeed growing up. I've spent five years in college so far, I'm on my second degree, and I haven't lived with my parents for any long period of time for those five years. So why do I still feel like a kid? Perhaps it is because up to this point, all I have been is a "college kid," with no forseeable future. Even when I started nursing school, it was still school and I'm paying it, not the other way around.

But all of this has begun to change! I am VERY excited to announce that I received two calls this past Friday for externship interviews at hospitals close to me. It may be silly, but I feel like this is a turning point in my life. I've never had to dress up for anything nicer than church, except the occasional wedding or two...but I am now the proud owner of 1.5 suits, fresh from the ATL (Anne Taylor Loft...not Atlanta. I'm not that gansta.) I will wear said suit when I go next Monday and bring my gameface to that interview.

I will be bringing my gameface to this interview, because I am now fully realizing that this is going to be a real job. One that will hopefully get my foot into the door for when I graduate, and want a REAL job. This externship is the third to last milestone in my journey to be a nurse; after this, all I have are graduation and passing the NCLEX. Holy heck, I'm getting close! And that snappy suit I have hanging on my doorframe reminds me of this everyday!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the major league! The rules change every 4 innings if you there are not discombobulations or the hinkywhatsawhosit in the 3rd inning. Adulthood is great, but never really lives up to what you imagine it to be. I do not own a suit, I need to get one though, or may stick with my nice pants and top and forgo the suit all together.

GuitarGirlRN said...


And the key to the NCLEX is: Just do questions. Don't go crazy with the review. Just do questions.

I did 100 a day for a month and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions.