Sunday, March 23, 2008

wtf, mate?

Okay, let's all celebrate. This blog as taken a very wonderful step in it's life. I had my first porn hit the other day! This handy dandy tracker thingy kindly informed me that someone had found my blog by google searching the phrase "free perineum pictures." Woo! I had no idea perineums were that sexy, and worth searching for!

I feel like a proud parent, because my blog is taking baby steps. What's next? "Free fundal chop demonstration?"

On a side note, this spring break has been excellent. I'm refreshed, and ready to get back for the second half of the semester. I am still excited for nursing, and you should all go over and check out DisappearingJohn's post on why he loves nursing even though everyone loves to vent about it.

I'm also excited because I realized that I'm exactly halfway through school now, and it's all downhill from here! Graduation in T-9 months!

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