Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You asked for it...

So recently I've noticed a trend in blog hits from google searches. It seems that the masses only want to know about a few things, so I figured I'd answer them all and get it over with.

1. Should I go to nursing school?
Yes! You absolutely should. It's hard, you don't have a life, you clean up lots of poo, and sometimes the older nurses are mean to you. You'll also work long hours, be stressed all the time, patients will yell at you, and you'll be underappreciated by most people who don't have any idea what medicine is like. But you're doing rewarding work, you will be helping people, you'll save lives, you'll learn more than you ever thought possible, and you will make some good money doing it. So go to nursing school. It's worth it.

2. What's a perineum?
The perineum is the area on your body from your coccyx to your pubic symphysis, or pubic symphysis to coccyx if you're a front-to-back wiper. Check out the wiki-link for a more detailed discussion.

3. Can I see some perineum pictures?
No you may not. I don't know your motive, and I won't have you getting jolly due to my blog pictures. Go somewhere else to see them, you freak. (I won't judge you for checking out the above link, only for googling "free perineum pictures.")

4. Is nursing school hard?
Yes it it. It's also rewarding. See number one for the reasoning.

More will follow, as people ask it. Stay tuned!

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