Thursday, June 12, 2008


I start my externship tomorrow. And I'm nervous beyond belief. Sometimes, when I get really nervous, I get a little nauseous because my stomach is doing flip-flops. Right now, my stomach is doing flip-flops. I don't like that feeling. I will be buying Ginger Ale tomorrow, for sure. The last thing I need on my first shift is excitable bowels. Let's be real.

I'm also very excited to start this shindig. I'm going to learn a lot, and quickly. In fact, I just found out today that I will be starting in Trauma which is super exciting. I feel sort of bad wishing for a busy night, because my busy fun night is someone else's tragedy. So I've compromised with myself: Let's hope for a busy fun night where everyone looks banged up and bloody, but no one is permanently injured.

This is also the first time I've ever forced myself to stay up in anticipation of an all-nighter. I'll be working nights all summer, and I'm trying to stay up tonight so I can sleep all day tomorrow. It's a weird feeling. Fortunately, my favorite TV shows rerun at 2 and 3 am and I have thick curtains to keep out the sun.

On that note, I'm out...I think I have Sprite buried deep in the pantry, and now seems like a great time to break it out. I'll drink to under-eye bags and a lack of tan for the rest of the summer!

edit: My roommate showed me this FANTASTIC video. Again, YouTube to save the day (night?)!


Love or Nothing said...

haha alicia told me she showed you that... i am half impressed by him and half freaked out. :)

Nick and Kaley said...

At first we thought you were super lame, but then it was funny. Really funny.

tp said...

i did NOT expect THAT!!

Anonymous said...

amen to no tan this summer. my externship is leaving me fat (no time or energy to workout!), pale, and happy.