Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You all remember an earlier post of mine about black holes, new particles, and possible world annihilation? Well today the Large Hadron Collider was fired up at CERN, and I'm typing this blog to you now. We all survived! Hooray!

Unfortunately, we all have another month or so before the proton beams make it to 99.99% of the speed of light, so there is still time for this to end in catastrophe. If a violent end to the world is the way this goes, I'm going to ask God why Switzerland, the most apathetically wussy of all countries, is the country that managed to pull this off. Not only did they manage to pull this off, but they even got France involved by running part of the tunnels into the French countryside. Seriously, if Switzerland is apathetic, France is just pathetic. Ah, my town can't even fill potholes correctly, but the country of pocketknives and chocolate can partner with the country of military humiliation to bring about the ending every sci-fi writer has imagined.

At any rate, another month of world survival couldn't possibly be enough time to create another musical gem like this. Check out the particle physics rap. Painfully awesome.

Again, I stole this from Movin' Meat. I should probaby start paying royalties or something.


artillerywifecq said...

you are such a dork, that's why I love you.

keepbreathing said...

Be wary of the Swiss...remember, they're all armed, they all serve in the military, and they're all vigorously on time. It's a matter of time until they activate their remote army droids and conquer the world.

Or not. You know, whatever.