Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Saturday, and it's raining

A conglomeration of remotely interesting (or not) topics:

  • This Eyeballing game is the most addicting game EVER. Coming from a girl with a low time of 89 seconds on expert level Minesweeper, this is quite the achievement. It also means that I'm procrastinating like a champ today.
  • I worked as a tech for the first time last night, and it was both good and bad: refreshing to be back in a familiar place with great staff, but alarming how much I had forgotten in the three months I've been out.
  • Super Mario has long been the standard of video games. But what if it was The People's Mario instead? Clicky linky, and find out.
  • I have a 6-8 page ethics paper due Monday morning. Risk for crappily written ethics paper r/t discovery of addicting eyeballing game, aeb high scores of 2.9.
  • I have a boatload of psych paperwork due Monday morning, and lots to do for Leadership too. I would say I strongly despise the amount of work I have to do, but I'm so apathetic at this point it's hard to work up the necessary hateful energy.
  • I can't even imagine the terror this pilot must have experienced. He had a stroke during a solo flight and lost all visual ability, and only landed with the help of other pilots who verbally directed him step-by-step to land. His ordeal makes my worst days seem like cake.
  • I like cake.
  • Also impressive is this jogger who ran a mile with a rabid fox attached to her arm by a fangy death grip. I wonder what was going through her head during that mile? If she can run a 6 minute mile, I guess it wouldn't be too bad. With the shape I'm in though, that mile would take me at least 15 minutes, and that's a lot of time for panic.
  • And oh yeah, you just got Rickrolled.
That's all I've got for you, folks.

Okay, I lied - I have one more thing for you. Check out the awesomeness of this literal version of Take On Me!

And that is all, I swear.


Drofen said...

The rabid fox woman was hard core. She even had the presence of mind to capture the fox in the trunk of her car to have it tested for rabies.


artillerywifecq said...

you are obviously procrastinating! Get to work woman! I love the estimate game, I got a 9.1! Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks, Now I will not get a thing done today!!! GAHHH!!!