Thursday, December 25, 2008


So our family decided to play a game of Scrabble tonight, mostly because I needed to redeem myself against my Mom for her claim of superiority against me. My brother didn't want to play, and the conversation ensued as such:

Shrtstormtrooper: Come on little brother, you have to play!
Little brother: I hate Scrabble!
Shrtstormtrooper: Really, you hate Scrabble?
Little brother: Yeah, it hurts my head. You have to think a lot...

Nice (love you, little brother). At any rate, I completely dominated the game and felt no shame in rubbing it in.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

Also, I got an NCLEX review book for Christmas, and started reading through it and answering practice questions today. I feel kind of dumb for missing some of the antepartum and baby planning questions, but I blame it on disliking babies and tuning out that semesters' worth of class. Let's hope there aren't a lot of baby questions on the real test...but just in case, I'll be reviewing that section again :)

And oh yeah, I start work in 13 days! Eegh! I'm excited, and I'm sure you all are excited to read about something more substantial than my Scrabble exploits.


Love or Nothing said...

yes, scrabble!! let's play when we are bored with our lives in the bury. miss you lots, roommate. <3

michael said...
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meghan said...

haha didn't realize my friend was logged in as me... i too played and destroyed the family at scrabble this break... funny my brother puts up the same protest

yay for winning and rubbing it in =)