Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

This has been quite the year! I would go back and mention all the interesting points, but I'm too lazy to type them out for you. Since I no longer have papers to write, busywork to complete, and school exams to study for, I seem to have lost the ability to come up with witty blog posts. I guess it's harder to concentrate on this blog when I'm not determinedly procrastinating school work.

At any rate, I'm glad the new year is here. I've got a job, a place to live, and the motivation to make this coming year a great one.

I suppose everything is dandy. Well, except for the fact that I actually have to start working next week. Not going to lie, I'm sort of terrified. I felt a little nauseous today knowing that in 5 days, I will start the rest of my life. It's daunting! I know I'm not dumb and that I'll eventually be a good nurse, it's just scary to know that I have to start out knowing very little and trying not to make mistakes along the way. I worked as a waitress before this - something I was good at for 7 years. I was comfortable, confident, and knew what to do when to do it. Waitressing was second nature. Nursing? Not yet second nature. I'm terrified to start, and I just hope that I do okay.

Eegh. I'm ready for next week to come so I can get over this jittery feeling! Come on, January 6th!


Not Nurse Ratched said...

Right there with you. One second: YAY! I get to start working. Next second: OH HELL, I am so scared to start working.

NYC EMS said...

Good luck!!!!

Richie said...

Because you are nervous, and scared you will probable become the worst or the very best nurse! Be confident enough to know that you are at the same place EVERYONE ELSE started and did fine. SO WILL YOU!