Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot mess

I'm a hot mess right now. The NCLEX is tomorrow morning. I think I'm ready, but what do I know? It's not like I've ever taken this exam before. And oh yes, if I don't pass, I fail at life. No pressure.

So to take my mind off of it, let me share with you a blurb 'o life about my brother and I.

My little brother will always be 12 in my mind. It's weird to me that he can drive, get into R rated movies, and owns a nicer iPod than I do. He also just went away to college. Weird. We've always had a good relationship though, and agree on pretty much everything.

Except for Discovery Channel survival shows. The poor guy has no taste in adventurers. He is under the delusion that Bear Grylls is awesome, while we all know Bear is an admitted fraud. Sure, he's climbed Mt. Everest. Sure, he can pull himself out of quicksand. Sure, he can kill a rabbit 2o yards away with a throwing stick. He also has a full camera crew with him and hotels at his leisure, so he can't be that badass. Les Stroud is much more rugged and manly. He might be dry and sometimes boring, but he actually survives by himself for a week in the wilderness. Enough said.

Anyway, the little brother and I always debate back and forth on who is the supreme outdoors survivor. I have to admit though, brother got the best of me in this most recent repartee:

Shrtstormtrooper: Today I saw a commerical with Bear Grylls selling Trail Mix Crunch cereal. That is not Bad Ass, little brother. Not BA. Les Stroud doesn't sell cereal.

Little Brother: im sure the mix consisted of grizzly bears, wolves, dragons and other such creatures that only bear himself could eat. so its pretty badass. all come packaged alived as well.

You've won this battle of wit, little brother. But not the war.

**And Les is still way cooler.

I am friends with the Fabo for this reason: only she can make fun of the vein sometimes visible in my forehead and actually make me pee a little laughing. Observe.

And just in case you need a study break, because I'm sure you are Pauly Shore vein deep in books and study guides and flash cards, you should stare at these pics for a while... they'll live up to their title, I promise!

Thanks, Fabo.


Drofen said...

I so agree with you. Bear Grylls is a pansy.

Les Stroud is the real deal.

Jen said...

Fact #1: Your brother will always be 12 in my mind as well.

Fact #2: "Sometimes visible" is an understatement and you know it.

Also, I'm not sure who this Les Stroud character is, but I feel the need to investigate.

And for the record: when my wit may fail, I will blindside you with my ridiculous Picnik/Facebook creations. Honestly, I don't know what you would do without me/my shenanigans. You'd probably be really bored.

Nick and Kaley said...

Bear Grylls is much better and probably smarter to. So he has a camera crew and hotels at his leisure. He does stuff no one else would. I actually used some of his knowledge the other day because I fell through some ice in the river. If it wasn't for Bear Grylls I wouldn't be typing this today. Also, I watched him the other day walk through death valley, it was like 130 degrees. He ran out of water so he peed into the skinned part of a snake and let it hang around his neck, then when he was thirsty he drank it. I don't think whatshisname would do that. Plus, he would have died in death valley. He would have walked a couple miles to set up his camera, walked that couple miles back, then walked towards the camera only to die right in front of it because it was 130 freakin degrees. Bear takes it for sure. Sorry this is so long.

- Nick

tp said...

you can do it! I am sure you will be fine (the last "important" test I took was the SAT, and I had to go to the community college to erase that bad boy from my record- so I am SO proud of you) :) seriously though, I'll send one up for ya :)

KELmomRN2b said...

GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!! You can do it! :)

It'll be my turn this summer. Ack!

Anonymous said...

Les Stroud is clearly the superior outdoorsman. Grylls is cool and all, but Stroud is much less of a pansy.

undergrad RN said...

"the mix consisted of grizzly bears, wolves, dragons and other such creatures that only bear himself could eat. so its pretty badass. all come packaged alived as well.