Monday, February 2, 2009

Long day

I don't like watching people die.

It's fun to work on traumas, especially the ones where blood and meds and gloves and cardiac pads are flying every which way; it's not fun to end the code and realize you're looking at a middle age woman who arrested while her husband drove her to the hospital. It's fun to work a massive resuscitation where a chest is decompressed and a femur is sticking out of the skin like nobody's business; it's not fun to end the code and realize you're lookng at a 25 year old kid who lost a motorcycle vs. car battle while her fiance drove the car behind her. And saw it all happen.

Egad. I just don't like death. It was a hard day. But I am still loving this job.

On a brighter note, wft? Surgeons remove kidney through vagina. You know you want to read it...

MDOD also posted on the vaginal removal of kidneys. I might have posted it first, but they posted it funnier.

"Removing one's internal organs through one's vagina may not appeal to you. The doctor who removed a donor kidney "trans-beaverly" thinks differently."

Yes sir, you win.


artillerywifecq said...

Oh, I am so sorry..... I hate those days too. I too can handle to old people, the people who stroked out and have no QOL left. You know my feelings on children, child abuse and infanticide. After the code you look around and realize that your patient may be gone but the family is still there, grieving and dying inside. The only consolation is that you did all that you could. The fact that you post this, and feel this way proves that you are a great nurse and belong in traumas. Its the people who don't feel anything that need to get the fuck out!

undergrad RN said...

Wow, I'm amazed that you can reach the kidneys from the cooter!

It's clearly only a matter of time until a lobotomy is also performed through the vagina... :)