Sunday, March 1, 2009

Attention all shoppers

So the whole East Coast is getting slammed with winter storms right now. Big surprise, considering it's wintertime. Our area is calling for a few inches of sleet and snow, and you'd think it's the end of the world or something.

I just popped over to Wal-mart for some coffee creamer and lunch supplies, and encountered a horde of shoppers frantically running around with a crazed look in their eyes. I know it's the East Coast and we don't get a ton of snow, but come on people, seriously. It's a few inches of snow. God forbid you don't have enough eggs to last you three days - do you really need six dozen of them? And there were people with like 7 gallons of milk, a dozen loaves of bread and 6 packs of toilet paper in their cart. Unless the coming winter storm is going to cause you to eat and shit yourself into oblivion, I don't understand why it's necessary to get enough supplies for a nuclear holocaust. Calm the heck down, people. It's going to be two days of weather just annoying enough to make you have to start your car 15 minutes early. Suck it up.

Oh, and please use some common sense if you have to drive. 50 mph on a snowy road is not okay. Drive slow, be careful, and don't be a tard.

Agh, I should have known not to go to Wal-mart at a time like this. All it does is aggravate me. And on that note, good night! I'll be up way early, to de-ice my car and go to work - the real world kind of sucks!


tp said...

ben and i went to safeway last night and the bread and milk was completely wiped out. welcome to maryland :)

Em said...

I thought the same thing 2 winters ago when we were warned of "some snow" - I was laughing at the people in the grocery stores stocking up - then the snow hit. Not a little. A LOT. I was literally snowed-in; stuck in my house for over a week. With NO supplies or stocked up food cuz I laughed at everyone who was doing that! It ended up being the worst snow-storm in our city's history. And it's good to know that Wal-Marts everywhere are like this - not just ours! - - - - and if that wasn't enough - our dog picks that EXACT time to need to go to the vet. Not before the snow storm. Not after. DURING. Of course he did.