Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dueling flatus

So I had my first night in mental health by myself this past shift. It was a fairly slow night, so I spent most of it in trauma, helping out with whatever people needed and then relieving everyone for lunch. Around 430 am I had an EP come in, so I rang up security and my two favorite security guards came to sit with me and the patient.

We were talking and laughing, when all of a sudden one of the environmental staff walked by and ripped the biggest fart I have EVER heard. And she weighed maybe a buck twenty. Soaking wet.

Of course, she started laughing, we started laughing, the patient started laughing, and thus ensued a thirty minute discussion on why exactly farts are so funny. Because let's be real...if you say farts are not funny, then you are lying.

At this point, one security guard pulls out his phone and proceeds to show us his favorite clip from Family Guy:

After the video, talk eventually turned to other things. At 7 am, when my relief came in, I stood up to go clock out. With all the seriousness I could muster, my parting words to the group were, "well guys, it's been a gas."

Although this one was sort of lame, there is nothing sweeter than getting in the last funny in a conversation with people funnier than I am (especially since I'm not very funny).

Unless it's hearing someone accidentally rip the biggest fart of their life.


Joy said...

LOL! This was hilarious! I don't know why gas is so funny... but it is!

Nick and Kaley said...

ba dum chhhhhhh (Is that the correct onomatopoeia?)
You are so witty.