Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organ donation

We've had trauma orientation classes the past 2 days, and one of the lectures focused on organ donation. I've heard this specific lecture a few times, and definitely encourage organ donation.

She showed a video which I've also seen a few times, but it never fails to make me tear up a little. Have a look, and reconsider your organ donation views!

Even in tragedy, people still have the opportunity to do something that will save another life.


tp said...

i hate you. i am sitting here in tears... when the heart stops beating and it says bambi went "home", i'm all "no no way, no way, NO WAY".

and i don't really hate you.

Joy said...

That definitely made me cry and I've been an organ donor since I got my license. Thank you for sharing that!

Kaley said...

Like when Grace got Bob's dead wife's heart.
Did I ever make you watch Return to me??

shrtstormtrooper said...

Only like 18 times! :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing this! And yes, I did the same thing as sad. My youngest son, Gus, died at 16 mos while awaiting a liver/small bowel really, I do appreciate you calling attention to organ donation!