Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hygenic Zombies

So do you ever have those days where you wake up and walk around zombie-like for a few minutes? With no recollection of how you got from A to B? Yeah, it happens to me too.

I work night shift, so I'm a little screwed on time schedules anyway. I've since dubbed my bedroom The BatCave since it's always blackout-curtain induced four a.m. no matter the time. Great for sleeping, not so great for waking up at three in the afternoon and still feeling like you should be sleeping.

Anyhoo, I dragged myself out of bed after too few hours of sleep today and stumbled around in my room like the undead for a bit. I brushed my teeth, I took my allergy medicine...and I got into the shower fully clothed.

You heard. Turned the water on, waited a minute, and then hopped in with tank top, socks and underwear still definitely on. It took me maybe five seconds before my brain caught up with me and I thought, "heeeyyy....this isn't right!!"

Needless to say, perhaps I should rename my bedroom The ZombieLair. At least I'll make a clean Zombie.


Kaley said...

Ha! I literally laughed out loud after reading this! I am so sorry friend.

And don't name it the ZombieLair or I'll never come over again. Period.

Joy said...

Zombie Lair sounds appropriate to me! Ha ha ha ha! I only laugh because it wasn't me... but then again I probably would laugh if I did that, too.

We have a clawfoot tub and a month or so ago I stepped in and one of the legs popped out, the tub crashed, water was everywhere... oh what a day that was! All you can do is LAUGH though!

Jamie Lynn said...

hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

I've worked nites in ICu for more than 20 years and I'm still a zombie when I wake up. I've forgotten to pull down my panties when sitting on the can, smeared toothpaste on my pits instead of deoderant and forgotten to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. But... it's still better than working days.
Great blog by the way. Just found you today.