Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I know that there is a bigger picture to this life than what I can see. God has a plan; I just can't see more than my little slice of it.

But sometimes I wonder how in the world things can happen and possibly have a meaning to them. Why, why do some things happen?

One girl can have a half dozen abortions, from six different fathers, at the age of 22, and still be able to get pregnant again.

The other girl, loving wife and expectant mother, comes into the ER full term and in cardiac arrest. Both mom and baby die, and dad is left wondering what just happened to his life.

There is a bigger picture, but dammit, I wish I could see it sometimes.


Love or Nothing said...

some things just can't be explained. but it's not our job to make sense of them... it's our job to trust the Lord. and you being where you are to witness the things you do is no mistake. there is a reason.

hang in there girl. love you.

Joy said...

Oh I know and I agree with Love or Nothing. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Perhaps God is trying to give the repeat aborter a chance to make it right.

Such an awful, awful thing to happen!