Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life's little regrets

Most people have done something in their life which they regret. Like a barbed wire tattoo or an oopsie photo on facebook or forking out money to see a Michael Bay movie in theaters. I, on the other hand, regret something I didn't do.

One day in college I was hanging out with my friend Kaley, and out of the blue...well, probably not out of the blue...most likely I was rambling on about my love of Star Wars. Anyway, one day Kaley goes, "You know the guy that rode with Luke Skywalker on that snowy planet?"

I'm all, "Uh, you mean Dak Ralter, the gunner for Luke in the Battle of Hoth played by John Morton, who lives in Maryland which I know because I read it in the Star Wars Insider magazine?"

Kaley's all, yeah sure, whatever. Then she drops this bomb on me: "Yeah, him. Well, he goes to my church."

I almost had an aneurysm. A real life SW actor, at my very fingertips! I had to meet him, I tell her. It's essential to my SW fandom.

So time passes, and one day I mention to Kaley that I still need to meet him and we need to go back to that church. With one offhanded sentence though, Kaley manages to crush my soul. "I think he moved, because he doesn't go to that church anymore," she says. Egad!

All I'm trying to say is that probably my biggest regret in life is not getting my butt to that church earlier so I could meet Dak. Sigh. I think about it every time I watch Star Wars.

So John Morton, if you're out there...I'm just saying. Come back to Annapolis. I promise I won't act all weird.

I'm on a little SW kick today because there is an all-day marathon of the two trilogies on Spike. And I've forgotten how eye-gougingly awful Episodes I-III are. Like, they make me want to go outside, find a railroad spike, and place said spike as far into my brain as possible. Ugh, they're bad.

And to make this somewhat nursing related, wouldn't it be easy on the medical field if we just had Bacta tanks to heal everything?


Kaley said...

I am SO sorry for ruining your life!!

Joy said...

Stargate Atlantis season 5 just came out on DVD! That's my fave sci-fi! If I could meet Michael Shanks or Joe Flannigan or even Paul McGillion in real life... *SIGH*