Sunday, July 26, 2009

wtf moment

My biggest fear in life is drowning. But there are a few things that while I'm not exactly scared of them, they still are able to give me the heebie jeebies like whoa.

Anyway, I was working the non-critical side last night, and I was sort of busy. I got a new patient in one of my rooms, but I didn't have time to open the chart and read it through before the PA asked me to step into the room real quick.

So I pop in and the PA asks me to hold the otoscope so she can use both hands. She's got a pair of forceps, and I'm thinking the dude has a piece of cotton or something in his ear. All of a sudden, she pulls out a GIANT EFFING BEETLE from his ear. Eeeegh. I'm getting chills even typing this. Ugh it's just so gross. He could hear it crawling in his ear. Yeeeeggh.

Seeing someone who just ran their fingers through a table saw? No problem. Oops, dog bite to your shin and your bone is trying to exit your leg? Sure. Giant necrotic non-healing diabetic surgical wound? Bring it on.

June Beetle to the ear? I might pass out.

I can live without ever seeing that again.


Kaley said...


Love or Nothing said...

siiiiiiiiiiick. i can def see you coming home from work and telling me that story immediately if we were still at 755 haha

Drofen said...

Lol, I seriously doubt this will be the last time you see that. Happens allll the time.

mindexplosion said...

hahahaha, OMG how freakin' gross! Yuck!
I got the shivers just reading that.