Friday, August 21, 2009


So, the other night I did it. All on my own, with no prompting. It was a glorious moment for The First Prank.

It was about 4:30 am, we were slow, and I was looking to cause trouble. I decided to screw with one of the docs, since she's very genial and has a wicked sense of humor. So I thought back to my enlightening blog-reading, and decided to make Fake Bedpan Poo to go under her desk.

Iodine + tissue + bedpan = very real looking poo.

I enlisted the help of my fellow new-nurse in alerting me to the departure of the doc from the nursing station. Alas, she wasn't busy either and didn't leave.

Then EMS came in. And left their ambulance doors open while nowhere near the rig...Eureka!

Fake Bedpan Poo on the front seat of the ambulance is funny.

Even funnier is watching their reaction on the video feed from inside the ER.

The funniest of all is when they finally decide to pick it up, realize it's not real, and walk back inside with a mixture of fury and appreciation for a well-played prank.

Edit: From ImpactedNurse! Thanks, anon!


Anonymous said...

It's from ImpactEDnurse!

Bats, S.N. said...

Poo pranks never get old. And I mean never.