Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ambulance worthy, for sure

Last night I sat at the computer next to the syscom-central phones, which meant I got to receive most of the ambulance reports. At about 0200, we got a call from one of the city crews....and it was a good one.

"18 year old male, was smoking pot tonight and felt disoriented and groggy, and he saw a police car go by so he called for us. Told us he thinks it was laced with something else. Patient was awake and alert on our arrival, but is now sleeping on the stretcher. Requesting no further interventions, we'll be there in three."

I asked if they offered him any snacks.

There was static for a few seconds, then the voice came back with, "nah, we didn't think it nice to wake him up."

Sigh. If only his friends had given him a twinkie and tucked him into bed, I wouldn't have had to look at this knucklehead and try not to laugh directly at him.

The worse part about this isn't that his friends will think him a pansy for calling the ambulance, and it won't be the $1000 ER, it's that his parents will get that bill in the mail after sending their dear sweet boy off to school for the first time with visions of overachiever in their heads. I don't want to be anywhere near him when that happens...

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