Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Trying to decide what sort of day today is...

  • Found my favorite ballpoint clicky pens at the store

  • Woken at 08:30 to tractors flattening a dirt pile outside my apartment
  • Couldn't get back to sleep, get out of bed at 10:00
  • Have to work tonight, and couldn't catch a nap all day
  • Eye exam shows my eyes are worse than before
  • After being told my insurance was accepted at Wal-mart, I get the exam and buy two packs of contacts - and then am informed that I'll have to submit my claim since my insurance actually isn't accepted
  • Where's my cell phone?
  • I have one of those super painful under-the-skin zits on my jawline
  • Work tonight is night one out of three

So what's the verdict?


And it's clicky pens for the Win! I choose to have a good night tonight despite the Fail start! Carpe Diem, my friends!

1 comment:

indya said...

Happy Birthday... whenever it was (just noticed the change in your profile box)! :-)