Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween night in the ER is always an interesting time, I've heard.

And they were right!

I ate my weight in candy, was busier than I had any right to be, and was thoroughly entertained by the antics of everyone involved.

But perhaps the most amusing part of the night was the high school student who discovered that even if you manage to get out of your parents house to a Halloween party, when you get so drunk you crap yourself your friends will dump you at a gas station so someone else will call the cops.

His neon-colored tights and high socks went well with the green and brown vomit and poo, and I was impressed by his ability to become coherent enough to warn us, "I'm going to crap myself!"

I learned that when betting on the BAL of a hammered teenager, don't bet high. One of the doctors took one look at our guesses, and goes, "oh, you youngsters. You'll learn that they can't hold their liquor." And then promptly bet the eventual winning number.

I also learned that even more fun than the candy, jokes, and costumes was the knowledge that we get to call the drunk kids parents...and then all giggle as the parents unleash high hell on said drunk kid as he is wheeled out the door, head in hands.

Yes, Halloween night is interesting in the ER.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally going for a job in the ER solely for this one night.