Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shrtstormtrooper, the Barbarian

Sometimes it's hard to watch tv marathons throughout the night without getting crazy ideas. It's even harder when the marathon show in question is Mythbusters.

I stayed up late tonight so I could sleep most of the day today, and of course I ended up staying up all night. Fortunately Discovery Channel had a Mythbusters marathon on. Usually Adam and Jamie admonish us with the warning of "don't try this at home!" but today they encouraged me to go ahead and try. And who am I to argue such scientific reasoning?

The myth in question was whether or not two intertwined phone books (no glue, no rope, no brace of any sort) with actually hold themselves together against a lot of force. For the record, they can withstand 8000 lbs of pressure. In case you wanted to know.

A little side challenge is what piqued my interest, though. Can you rip a phone book in half? Surely not! Ah, but wait, says Adam. I followed his directions. I found a phone book in my drawer. And BOOM. Look what I can do!

I feel like the Hulk!


Love or Nothing said...

wow!! that's amazing. but now you can't call anyone. hahaaa

Kaley said...