Monday, February 8, 2010


Listen up, buddy. You're the one who decided 0400 in a blizzard was a dandy time to call an ambulance. You're the one who told EMS you have flank pain and have a history of kidney stones. You're the one who told us that you actually ran out of your dilaudid prescription for chronic kidney pain.

You, my friend, are the one who kindly wailed in pain so loudly registration couldn't get anything more than your name and social. You are the one who insisted you have awful awful stones and need something now for the pain. You're the one who told us you have an allergy to toradol and morphine and IV contrast dye.

You're the one who decided to lie about your frequent visits to the ER and try to convince us this is your first time here. You, bucko, are the one who then yelled at us. Not a normal, mundane "you all are awful horrible people and suck at life and have no sympathy and I wish Bad Things upon you" sort of yelling. No, sir, you took it up a level.

You are the one who decided to, and I quote, "beat the shit out of every one of you if you don't give me dilaudid now!"

We are the ones who decided to bodily throw you out of the ER and into the custody of the police.


DiverDork said...

I worked during that blizzard too, only on the private ambo side of things. Was he one of the whopping 5 patients that was in the ER?

shrtstormtrooper said...

Sort of. It's a mix of two or three patients, but the one that sent me over the edge did come in during the snow.

Halie said...

Wow, it's outrageous how people treat health-care workers. Keep your chin up!

Em said...

People do desperate things when they are in pain. Maybe he was just desperate to be out of pain? Blizzard or not - it would seem to me that he probably WAS in pain to come in during a blizzard? Not that it makes his behavior right but he might have been better able to explain it after he was out of pain. Especially, if he was prescribed such a potent pain killer.