Friday, April 23, 2010

All fun, no filler.

It's so invigorating when you stand outside in the cool morning air, breathing the springtime in deeply. It's Earth Day week, the sun is shining, and it's going to be a gorgeous day. Just standing outside makes you smile, because spring is here with a vengeance.

It's so depressing when you then trudge up three flights of stairs and into the apartment to sleep for 8 hours straight, in prep for another night shift tonight.

A nonverbal nursing home patient. My favorite! Sent to my room in the ER to have her flexi-seal replaced. Yes friends, I save lives. I also stick little rubber tubes up peoples butts with my finger.

That same nonverbal nursing home patient...I get her medical history from the nursing home records. The list of her diagnoses read:
Unspecified Hypotension
Renal Failure; Chronic
Essential Hypertension

I scratch my head a little.

Sometimes, I wish dilaudid didn't exist. Because then I wouldn't have to listen to you tell me, "I'm allergic to toradol and tylenol and motrin. No, morphine doesn't really work for me. I usually get...what's it called? Dah-something. Dah-li...Dah-law-dah...yeah, dilaudid! I couldn't remember what it's name was. No, I haven't done cocaine in over three months!"

"I see this is your 12th visit this month for chronic abdominal pain. Have you seen a pain management specialist? Oh, your appointment is next month. Well, I reviewed your old charts, and I see that you were supposed to see them last week. You couldn't go? Why not? Oh. I see. You missed your appointment and came here for pain medicine."

Face, palm.

Ah, ER nursing. All fun, no filler!


Gelfling said...

I've had more than one drug seeker in the past week or so as well... must be something with the lunar cycle...

Nick and Kaley said...

I am sorry you have to stick rubber tubes up people's butts. I think it will earn you a special place in heaven.

@rdjfraser said...

You are awesome! It is so refreshing to hear a nurse that takes that crazy things we see and gets pure joy in return! Keep up the attitude it is phenomenal.