Sunday, April 11, 2010

Never say never

I've only ever watched one episode of Grey's Anatomy. Mostly because all those shows are way too absurd; doctors are never that hot, if they are that hot they're not single, supply rooms are awful places to hide, and our days aren't full of back to back to back exciting and life changing cases. But mostly because they're just too absurd to be believable.

So the one episode of Grey's dealt with some patient who had an unexploded RPG in his body. You heard. A Rocket. Propelled. Grenade. A huge freaking piece of metal and gunpowder just waiting to explode. Live round of ammunition. The OR was evacuated, people were afraid the guy would accidentally move and blow up, and lots of interns cried. And had sex in supply closets. And then cried again.

I remember thinking it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, and there is just no way something that outrageous could happen in real life.

And then I read the news today.

Headline? US Doctor takes live ammo from soldier's head. Well, color me corrected.
But as [Lt. Terreri] reviewed a CAT scan of the soldier, he realized it was a much bigger problem, according to an Air Force news release this week on the case.

He immediately went to inform neurosurgeon Maj. John Bini, also of Lackland. Bini had the operating room evacuated; the surrounding hallways were secured, and he and anaesthesiologist Maj. Jeffrey Rengel, put on body armor for the surgery.

Bini and Rengel were joined in the operating room by a member of a bomb disposal team. And after Bini removed the round from the patient's head, the bomb technicians took it away.

You win, Grey's Anatomy. You win.

But on principle, I still don't think I'll ever watch you again.


Kaley said...

You need to go to the big city to find some hot doctors- because you showed me your roster, and I believe you.

Bryan and Elise said...

haha i enjoyed this considering i love greys anatamy...and well, not all of the cases are that far-fetched! though i can definitely do without the lesbos...

Kristen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey's...b/c it is so absurd! I just laugh and laugh and laugh...especially when one of the doctors starts an IV or draws blood!

Everybody Elses Girl said...

My favorite was the episode when a surgeon offered (in the middle of the night) to go and speak to billing to try and sort out an insurance issue for a distraught patients wife. Greys is always good for a laugh.

A NURSE said...

The one episode I saw, they started a pitocin drip on a hypertensive OB patient in ER.....that one lost all credibility for me.....and I never saw another episode again. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.
On another note: watching the PBS birthing show: couldn't watch that one either because after one show I felt like I worked a 12 hr shift....

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wildly entertaining. I'm not a nurse and admittedly, I'm scared of almost everything, including blood and guts, but I've still spent the last 2 hours reading your posts and cracking up.

Your sarcasm, your delivery, your stories... The simple narrative and dialog makes me feel like you're talking directly to me while on your break in the ER rather than me randomly stumbling on your personal blog.

You my friend, have a new fan.