Saturday, June 19, 2010

Picture this

It's 0445. Dead quiet in the nursing station. We all got our asses kicked last night, so everyone is just sitting there, trying not to fall asleep.

Dr. F, a happy go lucky guy and generally all around good person, is sitting at the computer reviewing an abdominal/pelvic CT. All is calm.

Out of nowhere...Dr. F lets out the creepiest, loudest Mr. Evil laugh while scrolling through the CT. Back and forth, back and forth he scrolls, laughing maniacally.

We all look over in shock, and realize that on the CT, a little gas bubble in the bowels looks exactly like evil PacMan chomping after the hapless monsters. "Oh, the evil that lurks in her bowels!" said Dr. F.

Laughter ensued for many minutes.

I only wish I had my camera phone on me. It looked exactly like this. We called her PacMan for the rest of the night.

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