Monday, September 27, 2010

Anything but this

I don't know why it gets to me so much, but the one thing I can't stand doing to people is nasal packing. It just breaks my heart every single time. Seriously. I get a nose bleeder, and I think daaaaanggg it, I don't want to do this. I pine for a chest paineur or SOBer each time the doc gets ready for the packing. I just think to myself, "if I can get away from helping, I get to swoop in with pain meds and save the day from the mean doctor!" Alas, I always end up a part of the suckiness, and I always feel so bad about it.

Maybe it's because we never do this procedure to the really douchy frequent fliers. Or because every single person makes that scrunchy eye face as we do the packing. Possibly because they all tear up. Even perhaps because they all seem to be sweet little old grandparents on coumadin. Or maybe because it's basically shoving a giant tampon up someones nose and then inflating it to giant proportions, which is definitely not fun.

Whatever the reason, I hate nasal packing. And if you ever are my patient, and I do this to you...I promise. I didn't want to.

Unless you're a really awfully mean frequent flier. And then I most definitely want to do this to you.

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Pissed Off Patient said...

Just to validate your post.

As a patient, I ignore any suggestions at fixing my deviated septum. Mostly because it truly doesn't bother me.

But also because I know someone who did it and the nasal packing was a nightmare.

Nasal packing should come with some good painkillers. The least they could do is make you high as a kite for it.