Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cleanup on Aisle 2

Standard protocol in our ER is for emergent patients like those with chest pains, SOBers, or those bleeding profusely to be brought back from triage by the nurse for RN to RN report. Non emergent patients can be brought back by a tech, and just a quick handoff report is given to the receiving primary RN.

So a non emergent patient was rolled back today, and the tech found the primary RN and lets her know that there is a rectal prolapse patient in the room. The other tech overhears and asks what a rectal prolapse is. Without missing a beat the triage tech goes, "Oh, her asshole fell out."

My last mental image before falling asleep this morning is going to be of environmental sweeping up an asshole into the garbage bin from off the floor. How fantastic.

1 comment:

Bendy_Clutz said...

Lol... Ive seen rectal prolasp a few times, and even got to put one back in a couple times recently.. and now forever more, that too is going to be my mental image of it!
Thank you for that. lol