Sunday, March 6, 2011


It must be nice to remember dreams. I mostly just remember flashes of them, like a landscape picture, or an emotion or even just a word. There is only one dream that I remember vividly, and it's a fecking creepy recurring dream. I've looked it up multiple times, and apparently it's one of the most common recurring dreams out there. Supposedly it means I've lost control of something in my life, like I can't control my appearance or I can't make my voice heard or even can't stand up to an intimidating person; I beg to differ - if I was as weak noodled as this dream suggests, I'd be a seriously messed up person. Besides, I like to think that I'm fairly low maintenance, secure in myself, and generally harboring a secret badass that comes out when intimidating people are around. But, I digress.

The dream? My teeth falling out. I'll suddenly get the feeling that a tooth is loose, and when I reach up to touch it, it falls out into my hand. I look at it, and the inside is all crumbly like brown sugar. The rest of my teeth start to feel wiggly, and I try not to touch them but one by one they crumble and fall out in pieces. It's not painful, just the weirdest sensation. I usually wake up once all my teeth are gone, but I never remember anything else about the dream - like where I am, or what lead up to the tooth disaster.

I'm telling you, it's the weirdest feeling. But it's pretty harmless overall, and since plenty of other people have it too I guess I'm not too much of a freak. It's the other dreams that worry me...

Like when I wake up with a certain word in my head. I have no idea where it came from, or why I'm dreaming about it...but it must have been a vivid and odd dream to stick in my head like that. I'm just really worried when it's a word related to work. I can only imagine how freaktastic my work dreams must be.

For example, I woke up today with the word Octreotide bouncing around. Just that one word. No other scenes, or feelings, or context. Octreotide. In case you're wondering what it is, we use Octreotide in patients who come in c/o belly pain and vomiting and then say "oh hey by the way I'm a raging alcoholic" and then lean over the bed and go BBBLLLEEEAARRRRHHHHGGGHHH and promptly vomit up astounding amounts of blood from their ruptured esophageal varices. I've never actually taken care of one of these patients however, so I don't exactly know what this scene would look like.

Apparently my dream imagination can make it up pretty well though. I can only marvel at the blood and gore spattered scene it must have been. I mean seriously, it must have been like Saw XI up in my brain for me to wake up with a solution to blood in my mind.

Octreotide. At least my sleep self knows what to do in that situation.

Let's just hope I never wake up with the words "Christmas Elves" bouncing around.

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Nick and Kaley said...

my dreams are so gory and vivid it's embarrassing to describe them. Curse you progesterone!!!!
Like zombie apocalypse/sitcom dream.
Molly vs. the child molesters
My coworker hit by a boat propeller.
I could go on and on.