Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear 16-year-old me

Dear 16-year-old me. There's going to be a new set of Star Wars movies. Don't watch them. They ruin everything.

And wear sunscreen. Check for moles. Don't go tanning. Be aware of your skin.

Skin cancer can kill.


Christina LMT said...

Excellent advice. I can't believe that kids are still going to tanning salons these days. What are their parents thinking?!

kaley said...

are you trying to SCARE ME? AHHH!!!!!!!!! Melanoma is coming for me! Oh gosh, the longer I watch it the scarier it gets! Oh no, I'm pale, have ten thousand moles, and I have a family history! Gah! And I already had skin cancer.
Also, I like the ginger guy the best.

Anonymous said...

Will post and share.

I watched melanoma kill a previously healthy 40 year old female.

It wasn't pretty.

Sean said...

Thank you for sharing. This moved me and motivated me to pass it on.