Sunday, May 1, 2011

A short list of dislikes

Things I can't stand:
  • Having to come home from a banging vacation
  • Immediately going back to work for three nights
  • Getting my ass handed to me all three nights
  • Boyfriends who beat the shit out of their girlfriends*
  • Patients who come in on a backboard after a day of drinking and immediately tell me they need to take a dump
  • My recent inability to hold my bladder for herculean amounts of time. It's not convenient having to pee in the middle of important things
  • Doing CPR on a 400 lb person with a 30pack of Bud Lite in their stomach, because it sure as hell isn't going to stay there
  • Having to wait until July 15 for the next Harry Potter movie
  • Drug seekers
  • Patients who continue to do dumb things even after a recent injury
  • People who don't wear helmets whilst riding on fast things
  • Lazy patient care techs who disappear as soon as the septic gomer rolls in with EMS
  • Being too busy to take a meal break
  • Knowing I internally complain too much when in reality I love my job
Seriously, I have a lot of dislikes...but I love love love my job far more than I can truly say.

*If, however, I happen to see your ass walking on the side of the road after you're out of jail...I swear I will run you over.

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newnurseinthehood said...

OMG YES! What is it about backboards that make everyone need to pee and poop STAT upon the arrival to the ER? Do those straps hit special bowel and bladder pressure points. We must do an official study and investigate this further.