Wednesday, July 27, 2011


From out in the hallway, I hear this. *AAAAGHGGHHHRRRGHGG!* I had to double take when I went in the room.

Me: Dude! What are you doing?! You know your ankle is broken! Stop shaking your leg! Ortho is here, they're just looking at your xrays and they'll be in here in two minutes to splint it.

Patient: I know, but it just hurts so bad. I'm trying to shake it back into place so it doesn't hurt anymore!

Me: No. Just, no. Don't do that.

Srsly. This happened.


kaley said...

that's funny. people be dumb. i can't even tell you the comments i hear in labor class. dumb. dumb. dumb. my word verification is garry. ha!

Halie (Scrubs Editor) said...

It's like they say... "You can't cure stupid."