Sunday, August 7, 2011


I tell ya, there is really nothing like wearing a brand spanking new set of scrubs to work, and having your first patient be an ortho requiring much splinting. Forty minutes and a lot of plaster later, and I'm covered from head to toe in splashies.

Including my boob.

Yeah, I accidentally leaned too close and an armful of plaster smacked right into the 'ol funbag. Good times. Especially since I had to walk around the next 11 hours looking like I just had a toss in the hay with Dr. Gypsum. I'd tell you that everyone respected me and politely ignored the mildly awkward situation, but that would be a total lie...

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Anonymous said...

Similar story. While re-filling tube feeding bag the other night I splashed some on my "fun bags" and didn't know it. I returned to the nurse's station where I was greeted with "you must be lactating..".
PS- fat stains, and requires purchase of new scrubs. When they arrive, I'll keep a sharp look out for Dr Plaster!!!