Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It was a slamming night, and one of the other nurses was real busy so I offered to discharge her chest pain patient after his second set of enzymes came back negative. A few minutes later the doc hands me the discharge papers and I go to get the guy out of here. I wish I had taken care of him the whole night, because he was a riot and his family was just as funny. I joked with them for a few minutes while taking out the IV and all that stuff then sent them on their way.

After getting back to take him out of the system, I noticed an extra bit of dc paperwork I had forgotten. I called the number listed on file and started telling him about the instructions for retesting of blood. "Sir, you'll need to come back to outpatient in 2 days, and have your kidney function tested since you take metformin and had a CT with contrast done today. In the meantime, please hold your metformin for 2 days."

His response? "But what if my hand gets cramped?"

Over my head completely until he started giggling.

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Karin said...

I miss patients who joke around like this. Not too many of them in the ICU.