Sunday, December 25, 2011


We were all sitting around in the nursing station the other night, talking about anything and everything since there was almost a negative-number patient census. A topic that came up was how we react to crazy or unexpected situations which is interesting since this is occurs nearly every single day. One nurse mentioned a wild GI bleeder that came in recently, and how when they rolled the patient to clean her up she somehow managed to blow out the biggest GI bloody shart of all time, right onto the walls/face/body/hair/shoes/papercharting of and around the nurse doing the wiping.

Two of the nurses in the room just burst out laughing. I mean, what else can you do? The nurse on the receiving end was amazingly stoic. After hearing the story, I decided that I would probably just let slip the first expletive that came to mind, no matter who heard it.

At this point the sweet low-key secretary, who had been overhearing the conversation, pipes in with this: "Would you say S-H-I-T?"

I don't know why this was so funny, but it was. Especially considering she is so nice she can't even say the word shit out loud. Amusingly enough, I hadn't even thought of this word. I was leaning in another sailormouthed direction the whole time.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Happy Happy Ladies, I hope you have a good week as the rest of the country goes weirded out drunk driving with shopping for bargains as their first priority...