Thursday, January 26, 2012


The absolute best thing about working ER is knowing that as foul and potty-mouthed and inappropriate as I can be, there is always another person willing to take a joke even farther.

I told a filthy Helen Keller joke tonight, and promptly blushed when a coworker told me one even crasser. And then we laughed, and picked our brains for even more dirty jokes.

I've had a doc make comments to me which would get him immediately fired from any other job...but because this is night shift in the ER and we're all raunchy people, I just came back with a comment to top his.

Jokes are made about people which I can't even repeat here for fear of being struck down by lightning. No patient is safe.

There is constant harassment between my two favorite techs and front of patients. If there isn't a comment made about one being old, one being fat, and me being too young to work legally, then it isn't a good night. Most of the time, we can even rope the patients into doing the insulting as well.

Things like this make me love my job, in spite of all the bullshit politics, management idiocy, rude and entitled patients, shit-cleaning (literally), and lazy staff. Really, I love my job because I can laugh and because these people are my second family.


getouttabed said...

Love this post! So true, so true.

Barb said...

As long as you know who you're joking with and about; It's all funny until something gets reported to administration because someone took something the wrong way!

Shrtstormtrooper said...

Oh trust and believe, I don't joke around the wrong people...this post did make it seem like I'm always off color, but really there is a time and a place for this joking and I know when to turn it off (or turn it on...ow ow).