Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boo dayshift

I went in for a day shift yesterday, and it reminded me of how much I hate dayshift sometime. I had a crazy group, of all ICU/PCU-type patients. Seriously. I had a GI bleeder, a bleeding fistula with a pressure of 70, a resilient epistaxis on plavix with a falling Hgb/Hct, and an empty bed. The other two nurses were in very similar situations. Charge Nurse came by and asked how we were doing. We all gave her a look of "seriously, woman?!" and reported that we were drowning. I thought we got the point across pretty well. And then I see the ambulance stretcher headed down the hallway towards my empty bed.

They offloaded a septic patient. Not just any septic patient. A diabetic one with bilateral mastectomies less than a year ago AND NO LEGS! Also this ER doesn't do central lines except in dire situations. Well, to me this was a dire situation. I pulled the doc in to the room and was like central line set up now, yes? He said  "well no, just keep looking for a peripheral line. And make sure you get cultures, too."

I was not happy. You can guess how crappy my shift was from there. Moral of the story? Never ever working dayshift there again. I'll stick with the BAMF'n night crew.


Anonymous said...

Amen sister! I gave in and worked a dayshift yesterday also and I can't wait to go back to work tonight so I can hug every single one of my BAMF nightshift pals. I'm not sure what happens when the sun comes out that makes nurses crazy and communication impossible but it's not for me.

Anonymous said...

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