Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In no way related to nursing

Otherwise known as "Blog bits because I'm too lazy to actually put together a coherent and thoughtful post." So here goes!

I do love me some Chemistry Cat.

I mean come on. It's like science AND lolcats! Yes please.

I miss Billy Mays. He was a legit force to be reckoned with on the infomercial scene. Annoyed the hell out of me on a consistent basis, but I had to respect the sheer volume of his voice. No one else quite measures up to him. There was a moment of potential with the Sham-Wow guy, but then he had to go and beat up that stripper.

I've been getting over a cold recently, and incidentally there have been tons of commercials on TV for various cold medicines. However, when I see these I can only think of the newest cough and cold formula on the market today...and how effective it must be. I'd have been able to kick this colds' ass way sooner if I could get my hands on some of this.

I love nerdy things. I love parodies. I love late-night hours of watching YouTube. I love lip-synching. I believe this fits the bill.



hoodnurse said...

The hubs is borderline obsessed with Billy Mays because of the show pitch men. He was like, legit upset when Billy Mays died. Also, I have been quoting best friend paper towels all week because of you.
also x 2 word verification asonet LOLOLOL
also x 3 I've been drinking but not enough to fail the word verification

Shrtstormtrooper said...

It's not very funny at first, but that shit sneaks right up on you and suddenly it fits every situation. It's like it becomes your best friend. Paper towels.