Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've been slacking on the whole "keep you updated on the travel nursing" thing, and for that I'm sorry. Sometimes things get in the way, like friends and whiskey and stuff. Re-read the previous sentence, by the way. Friends. That's right. I have them here!

The most recent post about the hospital was not exactly the kindest of reviews. At the time, I hated it. I wasn't making friends with the staff, it wasn't anything like the warm and welcoming environment I encountered at Travel Hospital #1, I strongly disliked one of the docs who seemed to have it out for me, and I sat at home on my couch for like five days straight because I was lonely. I don't know exactly when I turned the corner, but I realized recently that I actually like it there now.

The biggest change to my previous point of view is the rapidly improving outlook at the hospital. I made it a point to never turn down post-shift breakfast tacos, because I so desperately wanted to make friends. It worked because I've gone out with coworkers on days that don't involve the hospital, and though I'm not BFFs with anyone there I definitely don't dread going to work anymore. There are a couple of other travelers there who I really like and one girl in particular is super friendly and welcoming. I also figured out that the doc who seemed to hate me actually does, but he hates everyone equally. It's not aimed only in my direction, which made me feel much better. So I'm content at work.

I still miss the people from Travel Hospital #1, because I think they are some of the nicest people ever and I am in awe of how quickly I was accepted there. It's like I had known some of them for years, and I'll keep in touch with many of them for a long, long time. However, I had no friends outside of the hospital there. It was all work people, all the time - which I had absolutely no issue with, but when I came down here and didn't immediately click with coworkers I felt like a failure even though realistically I knew it would take time.

The other big thing that made me start liking Texas is the people I've met outside of work. I made friends with people whom I met on the way here, surprisingly, and even though it's a long-ass drive they're the ones I consider my favorites and have gotten closer to. I guess it's hard not to when I realized they won't judge my love of offensive humor, ermahgerd, youtube and alcohol. There are also people I've met through a friend of a friend from home, and it's really great to be able to say yes to invites out and also to have a common ground with them. I definitely don't sit at home feeling lonely; that's good for the the self-esteem.

So there you have it. I really like it here now, work doesn't suck anymore and I signed on for another three months. Hooray!


BossNurse said...

Glad to see you're finding happiness in Texas :)

Anonymous said...

So glad it's working out... Proud of you! - Sarah Fisch

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! I finish RN school in May and love to read what you're up to. I am glad that you are making friends. You sound happier even in writing!

hoodnurse said...

Hooray! Moar alcohol and you tube 4 EVA!