Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This morning I was leaning against the desk waiting for a doc to finish dictating so I could ask a question. There happened to be a super gaudy-looking gold dangly earring sitting there, I guess lost from a patient or such. I offhandedly say to the doc something about that earring really complementing the color of his eyes, and without missing a beat he replies "oh that's my nipple ring. I took it out when the patients could hear it jangling around under these scrubs."

I should mention that this doc is like two years away from retirement and just about the most straight-laced guy around. 

Yeesh. That's a mental image no one needs. 

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RehabRN said...


He's playing you.

Two choices: decidedly wicked or get out the brain bleach.

The straight laced ones are the most dangerous of all.