Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The flu sucks.

Hey, guys. It's flu season. Which means for every rational person out there, there is someone else who is all "I won't get the flu shot because every time I get it I get the flu/vaccines give people autism/I never get the flu so why would I get the flu shot?"

People: GET YOUR FUCKING FLU SHOT. It's not rocket science.

Also, an article about why not getting the flu shot is dumb. With links to research. Because, you know, that's important.

*I feel pretty strongly about this. You might disagree. Which is fine. But still, get your flu shot. Because science.


Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

I got my flu shot as soon as my doctor had it in stock, in August. Rhos post just reminded me to nag my kids about it. Two of the three have gotten theirs. One told me that she'd already had the flu this fall. I told her that there are several different flush around this year. There is just no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cannot get a flu shot, so it is very important for those around me to get theirs. I had a severe allergic reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine which caused me to go into Anaphylaxis shock. Since then my doctor has said to not get the flu vaccine since both the flu and the Hep B vaccine uses the same serum, and we don't know what component of the vaccine caused the allergic reaction. So it is important for others to get their flu vaccines to help protect me, since I cannot be vaccinated. People don't realize that getting vaccines not only helps protect them individually but helps protect everyone around them too.