Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eye bleach

Some things you just can't unsee. For example, the dude who was taking a stroll through the ER lobby and decided yup, that tile right next to the bathroom door is perhaps the best possible place ever for someone to drop trou and take a shit. And I'm not talking about a little squeaker turd, or even a tiny little shart. I'm talking about how this dude most definitely hadn't pooped in at least six months. Until that moment. On the lobby floor. Remember those Tamagotchi toys where the poo just piled up until you finally had to deal with it? Just like that, except not adorably pocket sized.

And the worst part? He had gone into the bathroom two minutes previous AND CAME OUT WITH TOILET PAPER! This was a premeditated shit! A grown ass man. Shit on the floor like a two year old. At least he threw the TP away, so he's just a floor shitter instead of a litterbug floor shitter.

There are no words, just as there is no enough eye bleach in the world strong enough to make me unsee that.

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Aesop said...

This is why a doc I worked with wanted all staff members to be issued tasers, so we could use them on the deserving, and then bill them for therapeutic ECT.