Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There are a lot of gross things about hospitals. They are inherently disgusting places, with the constant eau de C Diff wafting around, LOL flakies in the air filters, blood and vomit and other horrible secretions on the floor and stuck to the bottom of our shoes, and countless other things that we try to clean up but inevitably can't always get to. Seriously. They're the grossest place ever.

On a side note, few things sicken me more than watching an ER patient barefoot it across the room and down the hall into the bathroom. BARE FEET. On an ER floor. Oh, the humanity!

But for as gross as patients can be, there is one pet peeve of mine which always seems to happen and it in no way is the fault of the patient. One would think that the offenders would realize how effing disgusting this is, but it's happened in every single hospital I've ever worked in.

THIS. THIS IS GROSS. How can this keep happening?! I've watched a lot of terminal cleans, and I've never once seen environmental bleach wipe the O2 valve. Never. Ugh. It's so gross. That patient has been breathing and coughing and being generally phlegmmy all into and around this neb, and then you just put their used nasty humid...dare I say it...moist* neb tube all up on that valve. Ugh.

It's just so gross.

So gross that I had to use the grossest word of all time to describe it.

*Moist: It's the worst.


Allie Oop said...

Our providers have an uncanny ability to leave the otoscope covers EVERYWHERE in the room, except in the trash. They can't even seem to make into the sharps box (maybe not trash but at least it's out of sight). They are left on the otoscope, on the otoscope docking station, on the bedside cart, on the stretcher, on the patient, rarely, in the patient, you name it, I've seen it! Makes me want to stab the provider in the eye with the used cover...

Suzie RN said...

Ugh, what in the world! I see disgusting stuff all the time that just makes me cringe and throw up a little in my mouth. Hospitals really need to take measures to keep the environment as sanitary as possible... Gross!

OldfoolRN said...

We had to scrub beds in my time. Blood, drainage, and every bodily secretion you could imagine would wind up on the bed frame. It would drip over the sides and form icicle like gooey structures. We scraped them off with tongue depressors.