Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good service goes a long way

I do so love patients with a sense of humor. Recently I've had a run of hilarious people seemingly oblivious to their injuries and more interested in making the staff laugh than in feeling sorry for themselves.

The best patient of one of these nights was a simple fingertip amputation - she got it caught in some sort of fancy kitchen tool and took the distal two centimeters cleanly off. I guess she was in the restaurant business because after being told she was going to permanently lose the end of her finger, she forlornly looked over at the fingertip laying on the suture tray and offhandedly said to the ER doc, "I think this is the worst tip I've ever given in my life! I knew I shouldn't have left my wallet home..."

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Shash said...

Good one.

I tend to make jokes to distract myself and others from any part of my plight that I/they don't want to hear. Even in the ER. If you can't laugh, all you can do is cry. Besides, some jokes just need to be said. You know that.