Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Le sigh. I try and write something to express the rage inside me, and yet again GomerBlog has done it way better. Satire always wins.

Littman to Produce Separate Doctor and Nurse Stethoscopes.

"We always thought nurses actually used [them] to assess their patients so we just sold the same stethoscopes to all providers. Now that we recognize that most nurses just use a stethoscope for 'the look...' game changer!"


knittynurse said...

The View. Best place to get vaccination information and learn what nurses really do! Enraging on so many levels.

Badambo said...

Behar is a bezoar!

Shash said...

Gets paid to be clueless on national show. I knew there was at least one reason why I don't watch The View. Because it's a very shallow View.

Aesop said...

Reality has the last laugh: Along with another sponsor, megacorp health care firm Johnson & Johnson has pulled advertising sponsorship from the show. They took all of two seconds to recognize Behar's behavior as being on fire in a pool of gasoline, and parted company with any further association at the speed of OMFG!

Say they put up one minute of advert/day, at a round $1Mil@, five days a week. Times 50 weeks.
Behar's jackassery just cost ABC a measly quarter-billion dollars of real money. Already.

I'm guessing she's unemployed in the very near future. Neither Disney Corp, the parent of ABC Entertainment, nor the network itself is likely to be quite as pleased with Behar's verbal litter box nuggets as Miss Clueless is with them herself.

Evidently her IQ peaked when she was fingerpainting from her diapers as a toddler, and she never grew out of that phase.

Hope she has a lot more free time soon to pursue her new endeavors once security escorts her to the gate and shoves her off the lot.