Sunday, May 1, 2016


I was shuffling down the eternity number of stair flights in the parking garage today, and mentally girding my loins (and also thinking about how weird that phrase is) to go in to work on a gorgeous Saturday. I get to the bottom of the garage, and there's two women standing in the middle of the exit out of the stairwell. "Excuse me," I say as I try to edge around them. They look at me blankly. I look back at them, and repeat myself because while I don't want to go to work, I also don't want to be late because of two dummies blocking my way.

They stare at me a few more seconds, and then go "ma'am? Which floor did we park on?" I must have given them this look:

because they get all butthurt and ask me again, loudly, which floor they parked on. I responded with "uhhhhhhh" because these seem like real adults who can function in society, but I guess I was wrong. These two women get even more frustrated and loudly ask "there wasn't a number on the floor! We don't know where we parked and don't want to forget it when we come back! Why can't you help us?!"

I continued with the quizzical look and eventually replied that the parking garage has 10 floors, I wasn't there when they parked or walked down and thus have no fucking* idea where they parked. They continued to be mad at me so I finally just elbowed past them and kept walking.

Is it really this hard to adult? I mean, I've lost my car in a parking garage before, but because I'm a grownup I just kept mashing on the panic button until I heard something. I guess there really is no hope for society anymore. I feel like this shouldn't be that hard, and I also feel like I shouldn't be so irritated, but it is and I am.

*I didn't really say that, but I thought it, loudly.


Rick T said...

Floor 6, row 6, stall 6.

Unknown said...

Thought it loudly?! Love it lol

Blogger said...

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