Sunday, December 11, 2016


Patient: I need help from alcohol. I want to be admitted for detox, I'm never drinking again. I'm done.

Me: Okay, we can help you. Let me go get some stuff together so I can start an IV, and I'll be right back.


Two minutes later from all the way down the hallway I hear, "NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT! THAT'S MINE! FUCK ALL YALL THIEVES! I'M OUTTA HERE!"

And he runs past me with a handle of vodka in one hand, tervis tumbler full of vodka in the other hand, out the door and into that good night.


  1. This might sound super rude, but I thought I would ask anyway.

    First: this blog is awesome. It makes my heart warm that other people who deal with the general public have some of the crazies come through as well. (I work at a high school in an area that has a mix between really rich people and the others....)

    Second: I would love to start a travel blog with my favorite saying...and your domain name is my favorite. As far as I can tell, your blog is not about travel, so i am wondering if you can edit the name to something closer to what your blog is about so I can use the mountains are calling.....

    Like I said, I know it is super rude, but I thought I would ask anyway...thanks!

  2. When someone comes in MONDAY FRIGGIN MORNING with five suitcases of their $#!^, they're serious about detox/rehab.

    When they come in the same way on Friday night, they just ran out of money for booze/pills/dope, and don't have any cash for a motel.
    Knowing you can't get a placement on a weekend, they're checking in to the Chez Hospitale Bed & Breakfast.

    You can carve that in stone at the triage desk.

  3. @ B Merkley - thanks for politely asking - though there hasn't been much travel talk on this blog in quite some time, it is still a love of mine. The quote deeply appeals to me as well, so I will have to respectfully decline your request.

    Might I suggest something similar, like "thesemountainsarecalling" or "themountainsarecallingme" ?